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Sagres,Vicentine Coast,Algarve

Sagres will be always connected to the Portuguese Descoveries and its connection to the sea, since it was the place chosen by Infante D.Henrique as ideal for his ships and sea trade.

The name Sagres is believed to originate from the roman name Promontorium Sacrum (Sacred Promontory). This name came from the belief that the dificult weather and sea conditions were caused by the actions of the roman Gods.

Even before the Sagres Fortress was built there was an original small fort, that was destroyed by the famous Sir Francis Drake, and it was believed to be used as stopover for the sailors that couldn’t pass the Cape.

Sagres is the most Western point of Europe and is open to the full force of the Atlantic. As such it is renowned for its waves and wind and is sort out by surfers and kite surfers from around the world.