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Vilamoura is one of the largest single tourist complexes in Europe, covering an area of almost 2.000 ha of land. Parts of that land are covered with pine woods whilst others are open recovered marshland. The company owning the complex is extremely environmentally conscious, undertaking large effort to protect nature in the course of the further development.

The 5 and 4 star hotels, apartments and villas of Vilamoura offer over 35.000 beds for tourists and residents. The sports and leisure facilities include 4 golf courses, a large marina, a lawn bowling club, a tennis centre, a shooting club, a private airstrip and a riding school. The international casino and several night clubs offer manifold distraction.

Within the centre of Vilamoura there is a preserved Roman site and museum of Cerro de Vila providing impressions of the history of this area, when this location was important in producing a fish paste known as "garum". The ruins include also the baths to be used by the mariners.