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4 Tips on How to Warm Up the House in Winter

The Algarve is known for its mild temperatures and several sunny days throughout the year. When winter comes, the lower temperatures are there, regardless of whether they are much more pleasant than elsewhere in the country.


In this atypical year, we spend more time at home, and for this reason, we must have the thermal comfort necessary to feel good. What is the simplest and most economical way to do this? There is an easy way, follow our suggestions.


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House Painting


The days are still warm enough to start the indoor or the outdoor painting of your home. Before you begin this arduous task, make a wise choice about the paint to be used. Have you heard of thermal paint? It is one of the solutions to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to the pleasant thermal sensation, it helps save energy generated by equipment that produce hot or cold sensation. It is an environmentally friendly paint, non-toxic paint that not only insulates against cold and heat but also insulates against external noise.



Rugs and Curtains


There are the fluffy ones, without hair or made of natural materials, some people keep them stored from one winter to the next, and some people put them all year round. Rugs are a simple and effective way to keep the house harmonious and warm. It is through the floor that between 5% and 10% of the house temperature is lost, and rugs are the best option to avoid these losses.


The curtains have the same effect as rugs but prevent the temperature from getting lost through the windows. Thermal curtains perform an excellent result when it comes to conserving the ideal temperature inside the home. Curtains can reduce house heat losses by 25%.


Combine indoor thermal well-being with the latest decorating trends for 2020. See it all here.





The windows are one of the points in the house where a large percentage of the internal heat comes out as these leaks can go up to 30%. To get around this, the most economical options are the windows sealing or the placement of window profiles. If you prefer to exchange your old window for more efficient windows, know that there is a government aid for this. Find out more about this here.




Smart Fabrics


There's nothing more pleasant in winter than lying in a cosy bedroom. Fabrics or bed linen can be the solution to avoid the heater at night, and thus save money at the end of the month. Duvets are an excellent option for the coldest nights, but they should be chosen consciously concerning the average temperatures in your region. Natural filled duvets are lightweight, more breathable than synthetic ones and have a longer duration. Although they are more expensive than others, they compensate for thermal comfort and durability.


Reading a book while drinking tea in the evening is very enjoyable at this time of year. For a better experience, make sure that your couch has a comfortable, warm and adjustable protective cover. With blankets for individual use, you will see that you won't need to turn on the heating in the evenings.




The cold days in the Algarve are bearable, but it always feels good to welcome the cold days in a cosy home. Follow these tips for your current property, or start planning all the steps to take in your new house now.



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